Who Decided We All Have to Read Shakespeare, Anyways?

What probably won’t come as a surprise is that it was the British government. What may come as a surprise is where and why. I had to research the topic for a class and created a video to compile what I had learned. The first English Language Arts lessons took place in India, in the 19th century. This was because the British were frustrated that they couldn’t speak properly to the countrymen they had just recently conquered and colonized, and decided to create a class of Indian citizens who were literate. Literate in the sense that they are fluent with the great English class literature, not that bass-ackwards malarky in their own myths, poetry, and scriptures.

Thankfully, what started as a tool of colonialism through time became a celebration of the English language, its great pioneers and authors, and the myriad of ways one can express themselves through words. Hopefully you find the history of one of my favorite subjects as interesting as I do.


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